Environmental Program

We often seem to think that our small, individual efforts for the environment don’t matter. Surely, they can’t make a difference in the long run, right? Of course, no one can alone reverse the damage that has already been done, but if everyone contributes their part, we can do it together!

We at RKV work hard with environmental issues and adhere to the following environmental policy that was established years ago:

Environmental policy:

  • Our environmental program concerns us all and is based on participation from employees, customers and suppliers.
  • We will work towards continuous improvement in the environmental field.
  • Environmental consideration is to be a natural part of our business focus and integrated into the business.
  • We will, whenever possible and within our range of products, offer products marked with official eco-labels such as “Svanen” and “Bra Miljöval”.
  • We will follow the ongoing development within the environmental field in order to obtain and utilize new knowledge, and as soon as possible allow our customers to benefit from this.
  • We will cooperate with our suppliers in our requirements for correct information and documentation regarding materials and constituents in the products we offer our customers.
  • We will influence, make demands on and cooperate with our suppliers for constant improvements in our range of products.
  • We will always follow current laws and regulations.

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